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Nuclear Graduates, 
graduate program 
like no other  

Nuclear Graduates
June 2022 - ongoing
Content Creation and Social Media Management
Nuclear Graduates

Facebook reach increased by 5.5k% 

LinkedIn impressions  

Instagram profile visits increased by 100% 

where they were

Leading graduate program sought social media support 

Back in June 2022, Nuclear Graduates was going through a rebrand. We started with them during this process. It was great timing as it meant that a new social media strategy would work alongside a new brand very well. 

The Nuclear Graduates program is owned by the NDA but managed by Energus. We worked alongside the team at Energus and Peter Murray from Off The Hook Marketing to launch the new brand and implement a social media strategy. 

the solution

bespoke social media strategy was implemented  

Before drafting a social media strategy, we took the time to understand the Nuclear Graduates program, what it was, who was able to join the program and how it was managed.

From there we created a social media strategy which highlighted the program's target audience, suggested tone of voice, and suggested social media channels. We also worked alongside a graphic design company to implement the visual side of the social media strategy. 

With this in hand, we got to work. 

the results

An increase in applications received  

This year, the Nuclear Graduates program received the most applications it has ever received! They employed 100 graduates, which in comparison to previous years is just over double their usual intake. 

During our time with Nuclear Graduates, we have helped take the program to the next level, giving it a voice on socials and making it the best program for any graduate wanting a career in the nuclear industry. 

Some stats:


  • Reach for the year - 367,235 up by 5.5k%
  • Profile visits for the year - 2,291 up by 193.7%
  • New page likes - 28 up by 154.5%


  • Reach for the year - 2,954 up by 100%
  • Profile visits for the year - 807 up by 100%


  • Impressions for the year - 123,092

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