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Energus, top 
apprenticeship employer  

June 2022 - ongoing
Content Creation, Social Media Management

Increased Instagram reach by 386.5% 

Increased Twitter engagement by 150.617% 

Increased Facebook profile visits by 205% 

where they were

Leading apprenticeship employers sought social media support  

Back in June 2022, the Energus social channels were lacking character. Their target audience is mainly those planning to leave school and look for an apprenticeship or those finishing university and looking for a graduate scheme. 

Energus provide a number of different services; they employ apprentices on behalf of their partners, carry out CyberFirst programs, run the Nuclear Graduate scheme for the NDA, host events, rooms hire, hybrid working facilities, and an excellent cafe that anyone can come in and use.

After a couple of initial meetings with Energus and Peter Murray from Off The Hook Marketing, we got to work! 

the solution

bespoke social media strategy was implemented  

We took the time to really lean in to Energus's target audience, where we uncovered a few key audiences; soon to be apprentices, graduates, apprentice's parents, and Energus partners. All of these audiences were taken into consideration when deciding on a tone of voice and guidelines for any imagery/videos. 

The strategy included the channels Energus should utilise and the kind of messaging they should communicate on those channels. It included a plan of how we would grow their audience and therefore their reach and engagement too. 

With sign-off from the team and the Energus board and a clear plan and vision in place, it was time for us to get cracking!  

We implemented a new social media procedure within the business, every social media post now has a direct message, a call to action, and an eye-catching image or video alongside it. 

the results

Fantastic results have been achieved!  

In the year that we have worked with Energus, we have grown their social media channels incredibly! They have been ranked in the top 50 apprenticeship employers, and they have filled apprenticeship opportunities, their CyberFirst program and their Nuclear Graduates Program quicker than ever before. 

Some social stats:


  • Reach for the year - 116.5% increase
  • Profile visits for the year - 205% increase


  • Reach for the year - Up by 386.5%
  • Profile visits for the year - Up by 11.8%


  • Impressions increased by 199.895%
  • Engagement rate increased by 150.617%

We continue to work with Energus, creating amazing content and managing their social media channels and are excited to see what the next chapter brings!

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