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Crofton Plants, the 
plant supplier in Cumbria  

Crofton Plants
March 2022 - Ongoing
Content Creation, Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Ads
Crofton cover

increase in Instagram reach  

Increased Facebook profile visits by 

organic social website visits  

where they were

Quality plant suppliers sought social media support  

When we joined forces with Crofton Plants, their website existed but lacked the vibrant content it needed. Their social media accounts were inactive and far from their potential. 

the solution

bespoke organic and paid social media strategy  

Before diving into action, we assessed the untapped potential of Crofton Plants. Understanding their core business aims and objectives, identifying their target audience, and exploring available opportunities was our priority. Armed with this knowledge, we crafted a comprehensive social media strategy.

Our strategy entailed a meticulous plan outlining the platforms where Crofton Plants should be active, the captivating content they should showcase, and the optimal budget allocation for paid promotions. This document encompassed both organic and paid social media tactics, setting the stage for their digital transformation.

With our strategy in hand, we presented it to Keith, the owner of Crofton Plants and got to work! 

the results

The results speak for themselves  

Since taking charge of Crofton Plants' social media accounts and implementing our paid advertising strategy, the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. The metrics have skyrocketed, reaching record highs.

As the driving force behind their digital transformation, we have continued to deliver exceptional results. Our dedicated team remains steadfast in providing top-notch services, including content creation, social media management, and expertly handling paid social media campaigns.

With our ongoing efforts, Crofton Plants continues to digitally thrive.

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