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Positioning Borderway as the 

Borderway Finance
2018 - Ongoing
Social Media Management, Paid Social Ads, Content Creation
Borderway Finance Hero

408.1% increase in Facebook 

Increased total paid ad impressions by 

website visits by 240% 

where they were

Borderway Finance were underperforming amongst competitors in the region 

Back in 2018, Borderway Finance had a Twitter account that was posted on sporadically and a Facebook profile that was not active, they had the page but were not posting, they didn’t even have a profile picture. They didn't have any other social channels set up.

the solution

bespoke social media strategy 

We sat down with Borderway Finance Sales and Marketing Manager, Matt Dodd and discussed Borderway Finance as a business, their aims and objectives and their target audience.

From there we put together a bespoke social media strategy which outlined the social channels that Borderway should be using, the type of content they should be posting and the recommended tone of their content.

After setting Borderway up with all the required social channels, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter and added a profile photo to Facebook, we got to work and created their content.

We created a mix of educational and personal content for their page. We wanted to teach their followers about their business and services but also wanted to introduce their people, the driving force behind the business. As well as this we showcased their partners, the vehicle dealerships that work very closely with Borderway Finance. 

We also created a strategy for paid social media adverts. Focusing on short and sharp messaging with a clear image, directing users to the Borderway Finance online finance calculator. This has proven to be very successful.

the results

The results are phenomenal 

Four years later and we are still educating Borderway’s followers with engaging content, in fact we have increased their engagement by 315%!

We are planning content a month or two in advance which is enabling us to have a strategy behind the content that is posted. We work very closely with Matt and the team to gather the content and combine it all together to create engaging content.

Most recently we have created a Borderway Finance Tik Tok account which we are excited to continue to grow!

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