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Sarj Activewear, 
gym wear brand 

Sarj Activewear
2021 - Ongoing
Paid Social Ads
Sarj Activewear Hero

111.6% increase in paid Facebook 

in paid Facebook impressions 

Increased sales by 

where they were

Sarj Activewear wanted to increase their brand awareness and sales 

We have been working with Sarj Activewear for around 6 months. Andrew Milby approached us for assistance with building his recently purchased brand and increasing the number of sales.

the solution

bespoke social media strategy for paid advertising 

When we began working with Sarj Activewear, Andrew had just purchased the e-commerce company from the previous owner. This brought us many challenges, ensuring Andrew had the rights and access to everything and linking Facebook and Instagram with Shopify. But, nothing beats us here at Natterjack, we soon got Andrew and Sarj up and running smoothly.

We sat down with Andrew to discuss his business, his aims and objectives and the areas he wanted to focus on. From here we created a paid Facebook advert for Sarj Activewear, focussing on the newest range to the website, a typical gym wear target audience which included interests and age and ran this for a month with a small budget.

We are often the sound board to Andrews business ideas, whether that be sending discount codes to customers who post about their new items, sale events or the recruiting of ambassadors. We are always on hand to offer advice.

the results

The results speak for themselves 

Month on month we have grown the reach, impressions and clicks, and grown an audience for Sarj Activewear on Facebook and Instagram. We have grown the Facebook profile visits by 43.4% and Instagram visits by 78.3%.

We continue to create monthly paid adverts for Sarj Activewear, with an aim to keep on increasing sales and brand awareness.

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