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Mental Health Awareness Week 

15 May 2023

National Mental Health Awareness Week is an event that allows us to shed light on mental health. At Natterjack Marketing, we value our employee's mental health, our unique workplace fosters a mentally healthy work environment. Here’s how:

Fully Flexible and Hybrid Working:

One of the core principles at Natterjack Marketing is providing our employees with flexible and hybrid working options. We understand that everyone's needs and circumstances differ, and rigid work schedules can exacerbate anxiety. By allowing our team members to work flexibly, whether from home or in the office, we empower them to find a balance that suits their individual lives. This flexibility alleviates the pressure of adhering to strict routines and enables our employees to better manage their mental well-being.

Tranquil Tuesdays and Relaxed Working Environment:

To combat the stresses of the modern work environment, we introduced "Tranquil Tuesdays". This dedicated day promotes calmness and relaxation by encouraging employees to engage in activities that ease their anxiety. Whether it's taking a walk, practicing mindfulness, or attending yoga classes, we actively promote self-care practices that help alleviate stress and anxiety. Moreover, our relaxed working environment fosters an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and supported, creating an atmosphere of harmony and positivity.

Co-working Space in the Bus Station Whitehaven:

As a company, we understand that the physical workspace plays a vital role in mental well-being. That's why we have chosen to establish our co-working space in the Bus Station at Whitehaven. This unique setting provides our employees with a vibrant and dynamic environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and social interaction. The natural light, green spaces, and well-designed work areas contribute to reducing stress levels and enhancing overall mental health.

Taking care of mental health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and it should be prioritised in every aspect of our lives, including the workplace. Here's why it matters:

Improved Productivity: 

When individuals feel mentally well, their focus and productivity soar. By investing in mental health support, companies can ensure their employees are operating at their best, leading to enhanced performance and business outcomes.

Reduced time off work: 

Mental health challenges can significantly impact an individual's ability to attend work consistently. By creating a supportive environment that values mental health, companies can decrease the amount of time an employee has off work and create a more engaged and committed workforce.

Enhanced Employee Engagement: 

A workplace that prioritizes mental health fosters a sense of belonging, trust, and loyalty among employees. By actively supporting their well-being, companies can create a positive work culture that promotes engagement and job satisfaction.

Break the Stigma: 

Openly discussing mental health in the workplace helps break down the associated stigma, creating an environment where individuals feel safe seeking support. This encourages early intervention, access to resources, and ultimately, improved mental health outcomes for all.

As we observe National Mental Health Awareness Week, we remain committed to fostering a mentally healthy work environment. Our fully flexible and hybrid working options, Tranquil Tuesdays, relaxed working environment, and co-working space in the Bus Station, Whitehaven all contribute to creating a workplace where mental health is valued and supported. By prioritising mental well-being, we empower our employees to thrive both personally and professionally.

Let us continue to embrace this crucial conversation and work together towards a more mentally healthy society.

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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