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Natterjack Work Experience 

26 January 2023

Hi! My name is Charlie, and I recently joined Lindsay and Rosie at Natterjack Marketing for two weeks work experience. Natterjack is a fantastic marketing agency, and my time here has been thoroughly enjoyable.

So, what did I get up to? It was a busy two weeks, jam-packed with various experiences and tasks, getting to know all things marketing and the clients here at Natterjack.

At my first day in the office, I got stuck in with some research and copywriting. The afternoon saw me writing a few blogs for the Natterjack website, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also had the opportunity to witness the launching of Natterjack’s new website, which was really exciting, as well as having the opportunity to join in with the TikTok which we made about the agency’s rebrand!

On Wednesday, I was delighted to join Lindsay at a pitch meeting, which was fun and really insightful, allowing me to see a marketing plan in action and the excitement felt by Lindsay towards this possible project.

Attending meetings is a great way to witness how ideas pan out and come together to enable the client’s goals. At lunchtime, Lindsay and I enjoyed delicious tapas at the Lakes hotel and spa, which was a nice treat after a long car journey!

The next day, I worked from home alongside Rosie, who gave me plenty of tasks to throw myself into and enhance my knowledge of the world of marketing. I wrote blogs, conducted research, as well as coming up with some social media post ideas which was my favourite task of the day, letting my creativity run wild.

The following week was jam packed with lots of exciting opportunities to join in with! Lindsay, Rosie and I had a road trip to a client in Carlisle, where marketing plans for the new year were discussed and plenty of ideas were sparked. This again was a great way to see marketing in a different perspective and gave me insight into the development of marketing campaigns.

The three of us then enjoyed some tasty brunch at Cranston’s, before attending a client meeting in Penrith, where we surprised the client with cake and balloons to celebrate their 55th year in business. At this meeting, Rosie presented a video that had been put together about the business which was powerful and touching, not only celebrating their anniversary, but also served as a commemoration to those who are sadly no longer with us. I felt honoured to witness this and the fantastic response from the team at Jim Walton.

We then headed to the North Lakes Hotel, to have a marketing catch up with the client and discuss the upcoming marketing plans for the year. This meeting was again useful in allowing me to see marketing in action and the strong relationships Natterjack have with their clients. I thoroughly enjoyed this day as it was a great way to put marketing into perspective.

My final day saw me working from home alongside Rosie, where I got involved with writing this blog, as well as conducting some research. I also got involved with helping Rosie put together a ‘day in the life at work experience’ TikTok, which was exciting.

So, my two weeks at Natterjack Marketing, working alongside Lindsay and Rosie were certainly busy! I had the chance to get involved with lots of activities, involving many different clients. I have to say, my favourite part of work experience was definitely having the opportunity to join Lindsay and Rosie at their scheduled meetings spread across the two weeks. This was an excellent way to see marketing ideas turn into a campaign plan, which will be extremely useful moving forward with my plans to develop a career in marketing.

A big thankyou to Lindsay and Rosie for allowing me this opportunity! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both and appreciate the experiences you have given me; it has been extremely useful, and I look forward to catching up with you both in the future!

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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