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Celebrating Two Years at The Bus Station in Whitehaven 

26 May 2023

In the vibrant town of Whitehaven, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cumbria, lies a little gem known as The Bus Station. It may sound like an ordinary place, but let me tell you, it's no ordinary spot. As we celebrate its second anniversary, I can't help but marvel at the wild ride this co-working space has taken me on. From working solo at my kitchen table to leading a growing team and recruiting our third musketeer, The Bus Station has been the secret sauce behind Natterjack Marketing’s mind-boggling growth.

When I set out on my entrepreneurial adventure five years ago, I quickly realized that working from home for me was a recipe for disaster. Endless distractions, zero structure, and the constant temptation to binge-watch Netflix episodes were not doing wonders for my productivity. But then, like a unicorn in a field of donkeys, The Bus Station appeared on my radar thanks to one Mr Oliver Hodgson. A co-working space promising a vibrant community, a professional vibe, and a support system that'd make your nan jealous.

Fast forward to joining The Bus Station and bidding farewell to my trusty spare bedroom office. Surrounded by fellow go-getters and ambitious souls, I felt an electric energy in the air. Collaborations were sparked, creativity flowed like the River Thames, and Natterjack skyrocketed faster than a Whitehaven seagull after a bag of chips.

But the magic of The Bus Station didn't stop there. Oh no! It sprinkled fairy dust over my social life too. Rubbing shoulders with fellow entrepreneurs these connections turned into valuable partnerships, loyal clients, and friendships that have survived more ups and downs than the London Underground.

As my business continued to bloom within this hive of innovation, the time came to expand the crew and we’re looking at hiring our third, all within 2 years of being in this hive of activity.

Working side by side with this band of misfits has not only been hilarious and full of natter but also incredibly enlightening. We've learned from each other, challenged one another, laughed with, [sometimes at] each other, and really got underneath the skin of each other's businesses.

The Bus Station isn't just your average co-working space—it's a whirlwind of ideas, collaborations, and belly laughs, and a shed load of cake - thanks Clare! It's the place where my business outgrew its training wheels and embraced the exhilarating ride toward success. The vibrant atmosphere, the camaraderie, and the uncanny ability to brew a belter coffee—all these elements have turned The Bus Station into our secret weapon.

So here's to The Bus Station in Whitehaven—a place that's more than just desks and Wi-Fi. It's a land of dreams, where startups become legends and entrepreneurs don superhero capes. As I gaze into the future, I can't help but smile at the absurdity of it all. Thanks to The Bus Station, I'm not just building a business; I'm building a story that one day will hopefully make a lot of people proud.

Lindsay Gray 
Founder + CEO
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