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Rosehill Theatre, the 
cultural hub 
for West Cumbria 

Rosehill Theatre
2022 - Ongoing
Email Marketing & PR
Rosehill Theatre Hero

Increased total number of opens by 

total number of clicks by 171.0% 

Increased clicks per unique opens 
by 68.9% 

where they were

Creating consistent and effective email marketing strategy 

When we started working with Rosehill Theatre, they had a substantial subscribers list. An excellent start when it comes to email marketing! At the time, Rosehill was not at the time sending consistent email updates to their current and potential customer list.

the solution

Where to start 

We started by putting together an email marketing strategy document. What were Rosehill doing that was working and what were they not doing that could benefit the theatre?

We looked at how to build awareness, how to increase interest, setting up automatic emails with a consistent plan in place. Looking at abandoned cart emails and sending a follow up email to those who hadn’t opened the most recent email.

We also considered the emails that should be sent when a customer purchases a ticket, when their event is nearing and after the event for feedback.

Personalised emails were also considered, birthday wishes and emails that contained events that the customer had noted as an interest of theirs.

Finally, a monthly events email was also highlighted as an important aspect of their email marketing strategy.

the results

Where are they now? 

The results are fantastic, their email opens and clicks are increasing on a monthly basis. Their monthly events emails are a consistent tool for them when it comes to ticket sales. Most recently we have secured air time on BBC Radio Cumbria and ITV Border News which is fantastic for Rosehill Theatre.

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