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Robyn Skincare, the go to natural 

Robyn Skincare
October 2023 - December 2023
Social Media Management, Content Creation and Paid Social Ads
Robyn Skincare Hero

increase in Facebook reach 

increase in Instagram reach 

paid ad impressions 

where they were

Robyn Skincare wanted to showcase its natural ingredients and rank with the best sellers 

In October 2023, Robyn Skincare reached out to us for a digital facelift. Eleanor, the force behind the brand, had a clear vision: highlight the natural ingredients, elevate the brand among top sellers, and see a solid return on investment.

After reviewing Robyn's Facebook and Instagram pages, it was evident they needed some attention - lacking consistency and engaging content. So, we sat down and crafted a tailored plan for a robust social media strategy.

the solution

bespoke social media strategy and content creation 

In our initial meetings, we did as we always do and took a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of her business goals. What were the key objectives, how did she envision achieving them, and where could our expertise make a difference? We also took time to define Robyn Skincare's specific target audience, recognising that not everyone is a skincare enthusiast. Robyn Skincare has a clear understanding of her audience, and we ensured our strategy aligned accordingly.

Next up, we decided which platforms would be best to use - TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook? We carefully curated content that reflected the essence of Robyn Skincare, incorporating diverse posts from informative to relatable home content all the while engaging with the target audience on the platforms the data told us would work best. Leveraging Robyn Skincare's existing image bank, we infused creativity to bring out the brand's unique identity.

Paid social advertising was a crucial part of the game plan, and one where we were able to shine. Here at Natterjack Marketing we meticulously planned budget allocation, defined the target audience, identified age demographics, and outlined content specifications. The result? Captivating visuals and content that effectively communicated the benefits of Robyn Skincare products and an eye watering increase in sales.

the results

The results speak for themselves! 

The outcome speaks for itself, we can’t quite believe the results in 11 weeks. Robyn Skincare now boasts a robust social media presence with visually appealing and engaging content, showcasing a significant brand uplift, a killer social media community and a whole heap of happy customers.

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