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Jim Walton Penrith Ltd, 
55 years in business  

Jim Walton
55 years campaign
Jim Walton Dec2022 95

Increased Facebook profile visits by 

Increased sales by 

Increased Google search by 


Jim Walton Dec2022 13

Jim Walton celebrates 55 years in business this year (2023). A big business milestone can only mean one thing... a badass marketing campaign! 

We got our thinking caps on and thought about how we can make Jim Walton stand out from the used car dealership crowd. 

New photography was a must, rewarding customers was a must, and telling the business story had to be a fundamental aspect of the campaign. 

That was when the idea of a celebratory video was born. A video that showcased the Walton Boys, the family behind the business, the Jim Walton team, the customers, and business partners. 

We planned and executed the video from start to finish. From the initial plan to arranging timings on the day, to the final cut - this has well and truly been a Natterjack project! However, we couldn't have done it without our fantastic videographer. 

Next up was planning the launch of the video, we didn't want to just post it and that be all. We shared the video with those who were interviewed and other local businesses who Jim Walton partners with, for example, Penrith Rugby Club and Penrith Auction Mart. The video was sent to our press contacts and is displayed on the Jim Walton website and Auto Car profile. Then, it was time to launch on socials! And socials blew up!  The video has been viewed 7,247 times, this figure grows every hour!

"The video far outweighed my expectations, it really puts across what Jim Walton as a business is all about! We have had an influx of positive comments about the video, and we have been overwhelmed with positive feedback!

We would certainly run another campaign with Natterjack Marketing, as always they have been fantastic, Rosie ran the full campaign from start to finish, it was simply amazing!!" - Stephen Walton, Director at Jim Walton Penrith Ltd. 

We didn't stop with the video, we had some new photography taken too, working shots, and family shots. Family is at the heart of Jim Walton, it was really important to showcase this. Following the launch of the video, we shared a family shot of the Walton Boys and their Mum Ann. Socials blew up again! 

During the week when the video and family photo was posted, Facebook reach increased by 70.4% and Facebook profile visits increased by 97.4%! Google search increased by 85%! - AMAZING figures! 

Watch this space... Jim Walton is making waves this year! 

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