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Riding the Marketing Wave in 2024 

15 December 2023

Buckle up, marketers! 2024 is here with its own set of surprises. Let's spill the tea on what's hot, what's not, and delve into the game-changing predictions by MD Lindsay Gray!

1. Augmented Reality - AR is about to steal the spotlight, transforming campaigns into immersive experiences that'll have consumers saying, "Is this real life?" From trying on virtual threads to diving into AR adventures, brands are gearing up to take us on a trip through the looking glass. We bet you’ve already been victim to some AR, remember the Maybelline tube AR video? Buckle up for more! Imagine trying on virtual outfits before making a purchase decision or embarking on AR quests with your favourite brands. Jacquemes bag flying around London was just the beginning; brace yourself for even more mind-bending experiences.

2. Imperfectly Perfect - Say goodbye to the pristine facade! 2024 is all about embracing the messy, authentic side of life. Brands will spill the tea, sharing real stories and genuine vibes. Who needs perfection when you can have authenticity? 

3. Personalisation - Personalisation is getting an upgrade, and it's coming in hot. Marketing kings and queens will be pulling tricks from their sleeves, crafting tailored content that feels like it was made just for you. It's like having a marketing BFF who just gets you.

4. Lights, camera, action! - Video content will be the Beyoncé of marketing, stealing the show with short, snappy clips, live streams, and interactive experiences. Get ready to binge-watch your favorite brands' stories. Brands will be the directors, and consumers, the avid audience.

5. RIP Organic Reach, Hello Paid Promos - Organic reach on social media? Girl, please.  Social media algorithms are doing the cha-cha, and brands are joining the dance with paid promotions. It’s a red-carpet event, and if you want visibility, it’s time to pay the entrance fee.

6. Sustainability - Being eco-conscious is not just a vibe; it's a lifestyle. Brands jumping on the sustainability train will be the cool kids in town. Expect marketing messages that scream, "We care about the planet as much as you do."

7. Influencers, Who? It's All About Connectors - Get ready for genuine connections with micro and nano-influencers who are basically your cool neighbours sharing their fave products.

8. Throwback to the 90s - Dust off your platform shoes and flannel shirts because the 90s are making a comeback! Retro vibes are in, influencing marketing aesthetics and strategies. Get ready to groove to the nostalgic beats of the past as brands embrace the spirit of the 90s.

9. Euros 2024 - Football fan or not, the Euros 2024 are crashing the party! Marketers, it's time to score big as this nationwide fiesta sweeps the nation. Get creative, because everyone's eyes will be on the marketing plays.

So, marketers, grab your favorite mug of ambition, and let's sip our way through the rollercoaster of marketing madness that 2024 promises to be!

Lindsay Gray 
Founder + CEO
LINDSAY GRAY author thumb

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