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Fastest growing app, ever 

10 July 2023

Have you noticed all of your marketing colleagues and friends running around like headless chickens? Well that is because we have been gifted with a new social media app!

Threads, the conversational app, similar to Twitter, launched last week!

We all thought that OpenAI’s ChatGPT took off fast, but stats show that Threads has reached 100 million users in less than a week, it took ChatGPT two months to grow to that number.

But what is Threads? Well it is Instagram’s way of keeping us marketeers on our toes, they thought they would throw another social app in the mix for us to learn and master! On a serious note, Threads is an app set up by Instagram, when you download the app, it links through your Instagram account. It is a conversational app, almost identical to Twitter, much to Elon Musk’s dismay.

The launch of Threads not only ramps up the social media world, it also throws more wood into the fire between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. After a seven year rivalry, they have recently threatened a cage fight between the two of them!

So, how do you use it? Well, if you are an avid Twitter user then you will be able to master Threads! But be careful, if you sign up to Threads and then decide to delete your account, you also have to delete your Instagram account - shocker!

The primary focus of Threads is to allow its users to share short snippets of text and similar to Twitter, it has a character count, but instead of 140 characters, Threads will give you 500.

The mobile only app works similar to Twitter in that Threads displays posts from accounts that you don’t follow, if you wish, there is a separate timeline for you to view only the accounts you follow. Although it is a mobile only app, you can view your feed online but you cannot interact or post.

What are the differences between Threads and Twitter? There are no hashtags, you can’t search for specific content, there is no trending section and there are no ads. Will these be differences that stick around, the Natterjack Marketing team are on the fence on this one!

The real question that we all have is ‘could this be the end of Twiiter?’ Only time will tell!

Our advice to you, Threads is a blank canvas, utilise it and have fun. And if you have a friend or a colleague that works in marketing, check in on them, they may not be ok! Oh and look out for Natterjack Marketing on the app, we have some fabulous plans!

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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