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Welcome to Natterjack 2.0 

9 January 2023

Welcome to Natterjack 2.0

Welcome to the updated brand for Natterjack Marketing! We have been busy; while everyone else was filling their boots with mince pies and festive tipples, we’ve been working hard to develop our new brand. It marks a significant step in the growth and development of our company and we hope you like it as much as we do.

The rebranding includes a new company website and a new logo which now algins Natterjack Marketing with our core values and creative services. The new brand brings a clearer visual identity and the new website brings the values and ethos of the company to life. Perfectly optimised for either desktop or mobile use, the new website is packed with useful information, tips and news from the team at Natterjack Marketing.

You’ll have already guessed by now that we’re not like the others and we hope you agree when we say the new branding reflects this. Of course, we are happy for you to tell us otherwise, drop us a message and we’ll talk you round to our way of thinking over a cuppa!!

Lindsay Gray 
Founder + CEO
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