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Apprenticeship week, meet Sian 

30 January 2024

In a world where the pursuit of higher education is often seen as the sole path to success, I discovered firsthand that university isn't the right fit for everyone. Dropping out was a tough decision, but it led me to a life-changing opportunity—an apprenticeship with Natterjack. The moment I stepped into the world of apprenticeships, I felt a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, steering my life in a direction I hadn't imagined possible without a university degree.

For me, the apprenticeship experience is much more than just a job—it's a dynamic learning journey. Unlike the traditional academic setting, my apprenticeship offers a unique blend of hands-on experience and structured education. One of the highlights of my course is the monthly meeting with my tutor. During these sessions, we review my progress, discuss completed tasks, and strategise for the challenges of the upcoming month. The support I receive isn't limited to coursework; my tutor actively engages in conversations about my projects, providing valuable insights and guidance to enhance the quality of my work for clients.

What I feel sets my college course apart is the integration of a college podcast, videos and articles into the learning curriculum. This innovative approach not only diversifies the learning experience but also injects an element of fun into the educational process. The podcast becomes a tool for exploration, offering a fresh perspective and fostering an engaging atmosphere for effective learning.

One of the most compelling aspects of apprenticeships in my eyes is the opportunity to earn while you learn. It's a win-win scenario, allowing individuals to gain real-world work experience while honing their skills in a specific trade. This model of interactive learning is particularly beneficial for those who thrive in hands-on environments. The practical knowledge acquired during an apprenticeship doesn't just benefit the individual; it significantly boosts employability. Whether you choose to continue your journey with the same company or explore opportunities elsewhere, the real-world insights gained through apprenticeships make you stand out in a competitive job market.

In a society that often emphasises the conventional path of university education, apprenticeships emerge as a transformative alternative. They provide a personalised learning experience, valuable mentorship, and a direct route to success for those who are ready to challenge the norm. If you find yourself hesitating about the university route, consider the myriad benefits of apprenticeships—they might just be the key to unlocking your full potential.

Sian Walton 
Junior Content Creator
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