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Top Three Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns 

31 January 2024

Love is in the air, and so are creative marketing campaigns this Valentine's Day. In the UK, businesses are pulling out all the stops to capture hearts and minds. I’ve been busy looking through recent campaigns, you know that we love a good marketing campaign over here at Natterjack HQ, and I’ve been getting inspo for our clients for 2025 and couldn’t help but share my favourites with you all.

Tesco's Love Stories Campaign:

Tesco struck a chord with customers by celebrating the diverse love stories that unfold in their stores. We all have heard the stories of people meeting at the checkout and Tesco has beautifully captured the essence of love blossoming in everyday places. The campaign features heartwarming short films showcasing real-life couples who met at Tesco. For me, the campaign not only tugs at the heartstrings but also reinforces Tesco as a brand that's intertwined with the lives of its customers.

Moonpig's Personalised Romance:

Shut the personalised front door. Moonpig has taken personalisation to the next level this Valentine's Day. Their campaign focuses on creating bespoke and memorable gifts for the one you love. From customisable cards with personal photos to unique gift hampers tailored to individual preferences, Moonpig empowers customers to express their love in a way that's as unique as their relationships. The campaign emphasises the importance of thoughtful gestures, and makes you really consider how you’re going to show your love this Valentine's Day.

Bloom & Wild's Care Wildly:

Bloom & Wild, has taken a distinctive approach this Valentine's Day with their "Care Wildly" campaign. Have you seen it? In my opinion, this campaign strays away from traditional romantic clichés. Bloom & Wild are championing the idea that love goes beyond romantic gestures—it extends to caring for friends, family, and even yourself. We LOVE this idea at Natterjack HQ and certainly felt like it was okay to buy ourselves flowers every now and then as a pick us up!

These campaigns share a common thread—they go beyond traditional product promotions and focus on the emotional aspects of Valentine's Day. By weaving relatable narratives, fostering personal connections, and emphasising the uniqueness of each love story, these brands have successfully created memorable experiences for their customers. As Cupid's arrow takes aim, these marketing campaigns stand out as shining examples of how brands can capture the essence of love and build lasting connections with their audience, something I am a big fan of!

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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