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Flippin Good! 

21 February 2023

Alright alright it's the flippin best day of the year - Pancake day!!

We couldn't miss another opportunity to share our favourite marketing campaigns with you lovely lot - how many of these ones do you remember??

Lotus Biscoff Pancake Day Social Campaign
This year, Lotus Biscoff launched their pancake day social media campaign a week before pancake day. They launched their #ShowOffWithBiscoff campaign with a video of how their followers can enjoy Lotus Biscoff spread on their pancakes. The campaign will also be supported in-store with flashed packs featuring the strapline ‘This Pancake Day, Show Off With Biscoff’ and a QR code that will direct consumers to recipes on the Lotus Biscoff website. Will you be enjoying Lotus Biscoff spread on your pancakes this year? We know we will be!

Free Pancake Day at The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club, a popular UK-based restaurant chain, celebrates Pancake Day by giving away free pancakes to customers. This campaign has been running for several years, and it is a great way to bring customers into the restaurant and create brand loyalty. Customers love getting free food, and The Breakfast Club gets the opportunity to showcase their delicious pancakes.

Waitrose's "Pancake Recipe" Campaign
Waitrose, a popular UK supermarket chain, promotes its pancake recipe on its website and in-store displays. The campaign encourages customers to try making pancakes at home using Waitrose's high-quality ingredients. This campaign not only promotes the Waitrose brand but also provides customers with the knowledge and tools they need to create delicious pancakes at home.

Morrisons' "Pancake Day Essentials" Campaign
Morrisons, another UK supermarket chain, created a campaign promoting its Pancake Day essentials, such as pancake mix, syrup, and toppings. The campaign encourages customers to shop at Morrisons for all of their Pancake Day needs. This campaign not only promotes the Morrisons brand but also provides customers with an easy and convenient way to get everything they need for Pancake Day.

Wetherspoons' "Pancake and a Pint" Campaign
Wetherspoons, a UK-based pub chain, celebrates Pancake Day by offering customers a pancake and a pint for a discounted price. This campaign not only promotes the Wetherspoons brand but also provides customers with a fun and unique way to celebrate Pancake Day with friends and family.

We do love a flippin good campaign and Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday is no different. It iis a great opportunity for businesses in the UK to engage with their customers through creative and fun marketing campaigns. The above five campaigns are excellent examples of how UK-based brands can leverage the day to create a memorable experience for their customers, build brand loyalty, and provide customers with the tools they need to create delicious pancakes at home.

It is too late for us to help you with your 2023 Pancake Day marketing campaigns, but give us a shout for 2024!

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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