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Empowered women empower the world 

21 August 2023

In the marketing industry, the quest for women's equality is gaining momentum. While progress has been made, challenges remain. At Natterjack Marketing, we value diversity and inclusivity. This blog explores the current state of the industry for women, strategies to recruit more women, and the challenges they face in the business world.

Women have made strides in marketing leadership but face the gender pay gap and underrepresentation in top positions. Their contributions are sometimes undervalued, leading to missed opportunities. Fostering inclusivity requires education and a commitment to change.

To promote gender diversity, we advocate for women in leadership roles and graduate programs. Educational partnerships, flexible work policies, and bias-free recruitment are crucial for empowering women in marketing.

Challenges like bias and discrimination persist, but women show resilience and leadership skills. Mentorship, supportive networks, equal pay, and family-friendly policies are vital for their success.

In a Marketing Week article, Starling Bank’s brand and marketing director Rachel Kerrone said; “The more we promote the importance of equality, the more we can stop unconscious bias and inequality in its tracks.”

NatWest Group CMO Margaret Jobling says the industry must “create the conditions for women to thrive through structural changes such as policies around things like flexible working, career development pathing, mentoring and sponsorship programmes.”

GiffGaff CMO Sophie Wheater is another strong advocate for flexible working, job shares and part-time roles. She herself works four days a week, while one of the most senior roles in her team at GiffGaff is a job share.

“The talent that sits in the millions of mums who would love to be working but can’t balance it with their number one priority, their kids, is phenomenal,” she says.

I myself work part-time, working four days a week around my two children, it is a balancing act but I work fo a business that understands that their employees have priorities other than work and I have a boss that is simply awesome.

Natterjack Marketing is dedicated to promoting diversity and gender equality in marketing and beyond. By breaking barriers and building bridges, we create a thriving industry that celebrates diverse perspectives and empowers all. Let's continue striving for progress and celebrating the achievements of women. Empowered women empower the world.

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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