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Black Friday Madness 

24 November 2023

Who isn’t itching for a Black Friday steal? Are you one of those up at the crack of dawn to snag the hottest deals? Count me in! Dr. Martens always tops my list. Not for myself, mind you, but for the kids, I can’t resist a good bargain!

Black Friday, born in the US, has spun its magic across the pond, captivating the UK with its irresistible deals. It didn’t instantly click here in the UK, but boy, did it pick up steam, reshaping how we Brits shop.

This shopping bonanza isn’t just luck - it’s a well-thought-out marketing master plan. It’s a cocktail of social media ads, press ads and all other manner of ads you can think of, a dash of urgency, and a sprinkle of consumer psychology. Scarcity, FOMO, and those blink-and-you-miss deals are the secret sauce. Retailers? Oh, they’re sly - months before, they tease us with previews, priming us to get our cards ready and charged to grab a bargain just before Christmas. 

So let’s talk about the top dogs in the Black Friday marketing game in the UK:

Amazon UK: It's a marathon of deals! Amazon’s got this “Deals of the Day” thing going, slashing prices left and right. Lightning deals, limited offers - pure shopping adrenaline. Their countdown to Black Friday keeps us on tenterhooks and we know, just like us, you’ve already started receiving their marketing emails and have added one or two things to your basket! Some of their deals are only for their Prime members, which is their way of getting more people to pay the monthly Prime membership in order to get the deals - a sneaky marketing ploy, but one that works! 

Argos: These folks blend online and in-store like pros. They showcase everything under the sun, making sure everyone finds something. Their ads? Spot on, both on social media and Google. With some items receiving a more than half-price discount, their bargains are definitely worth a peruse! Heads up for anyone buying for children, the toy discounts are very good, I have been buying toys in their Black Friday sales for a number of years now, and their discounts are not to be missed, but please make sure you leave some bargains for me!

John Lewis & Partners: Emotional advertising is their mojo. Heartwarming ads that tug at the heartstrings? Check. Stories that stick with you? Double check. They’ve cracked the code on connecting with us. With huge discounts on big names such as Apple and Samsung, they are making themselves a great contender in the Black Friday battle of the best bargains! Whether you are looking for bargain clothes, cosmetics, or appliances, John Lewis & Partners has it. 

Currys PC World: Need a new gadget? These guys are your jam. They lay out their tech and appliances with killer discounts. You want a good deal on the big stuff? Look no further. Their Black Friday deals are almost too good to be true, they start advertising pretty early on to build the suspense. Will you be queuing to get into your nearest Currys PC World store for a bargain?

ASOS: Fashionistas, gather around! ASOS knows what’s up. They don’t just sell clothes; they sell exclusivity. Their campaigns scream trendsetting, making you feel like a fashion mogul without breaking the bank. With up to 80% off everything and a further 15% off with code MORE - why would you not explore their sale? Whether you are spending your Christmas money early, finishing (or starting in my case!) your Christmas shopping or just treating yourself, this sale is set to be a big one! And if you have missed their recent social post, make sure you check it out, we are loving the CGI ads here at NJ HQ! 

Black Friday is now part and parcel of the UK’s shopping scene. It’s not just about the deals; it’s the razzle-dazzle marketing that makes it an experience. So here’s to your Black Friday haul! May your finds be epic and your savings grand. Happy shopping, everyone! Fingers crossed for those mega bargains!

Rosie Graves 
Senior digital marketing exec
Rosie Groves blog author

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